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One Piece Episodes English Dubbed Online

Funimation holds the rights to the One Piece anime in North America for streaming and home video, and record their own in-house English dub which has reached episode 878. They have released every episode of the series with English subtitles (barring three crossover episodes) and stream new episodes the day they air in Japan. Additionally, they have released six TV Specials and five Movies in both subtitled and dubbed formats. Funimation's English localization is also used in Britain (through their subsidiary Manga Entertainment)[2][3] and Australia.

One Piece Episodes English Dubbed Online

Funimation's English dub began airing in June 2007 with the Jaya Arc, continuing from where the edited 4Kids dub had left off. Funimation's home video release in May 2008 started with the re-dubbed version of the first episode 4Kids previously dubbed, and by May 2010 they had re-dubbed of all of the episodes previously handled by 4Kids. While the version initially broadcast on Cartoon Network was edited to the channel's standards, the streaming and home video versions, and the Adult Swim broadcasts are uncensored and streaming and home videos feature both English and Japanese versions.

After producing 104 English-dubbed episodes, cut down from 143 Japanese ones, 4Kids dropped the One Piece license in December 2006.[7] On April 12, 2007, Funimation Entertainment announced they had acquired the license to the series and would premier their own dubbed English version on Cartoon Network on September 29, 2007, with Episode 144, and later redubbed the episodes 4Kids dubbed and dubbed the episodes skipped by 4Kids. Although Funimation's dub would directly follow the 4Kids version for the series' Cartoon Network broadcast, the production team behind the new dub was entirely different. Consequently, Funimation replaced every cast member, used less strict editing than 4Kids and retained the original music (with the Japanese theme music replaced with an English cover of the same song). Funimation's dub was well received for its voice acting, dialogue and music.

In May 2008, Funimation released their first uncut DVD of the series, starting from the first episode and catching up to "Season Three", the batch of episodes that they had initially dubbed. In April 2011, the DVD release of Funimation's Season Three was concluded. The release of new dubbed episodes continued in August 2012 with Episode 206, the beginning of "Season Four", on DVD.

Funimation had planned to start simulcasting subbed One Piece episodes an hour after their original broadcast on their official website, starting May 30 with episode 403. On May 29 someone accessed their website and uploaded episode 403 before Funimation had agreed to put it online. As Funimation became aware of this they then shut down the video service and announced that fans will be "deprived" of One Piece for the "immediate future" and that they will also be trying to "locate and prosecute the perpetrators".[12] The perpetrator was later caught and charged.

On August 18, 2009 Funimation announced the return of the simulcast One Piece episodes starting Friday, August 21 with episode 391.[12] They released 3 episodes daily at 9:00 pm CDT, leading up to the August 29th release of episode 415 one hour after the Japanese release, after which they continued releasing one episode per week. The simulcast episodes are streamed in SD. Additionally, Funimation has also uploaded episodes 1-384 in both dubbed and subtitled formats. These episodes are available in HD (where applicable) for subscribers.

Funimation's One Piece simulcast is also available on Hulu from episode 391 onwards, originally with a two day delay from their Japanese airing. Starting from episode 736, the episodes were posted on Hulu on the same day as the original broadcast. Eventually, after years of DVD releases, all the prior episodes were eventually added in as well when the seasons they were grouped in were released. Also available are a regularly changed selection of dubbed episodes. These are identical to the versions, and are all in SD only. Hulu's license with One Piece was set to expire on April 28, 2017.[14] However the rights were later re-negotiated, allowing One Piece to remain on Hulu, although Hulu no longer has the rights to the series beyond episode 750 and as such the episodes for the Zou, Marine Rookie, and Whole Cake Island arc were removed. Eventually the series expired from Hulu on April 13, 2020.

Reviews of the TV series and later movie releases were similarly positive,[24][25] and some critics noted the option of a 5.1 mix for the English version.[26] Anime News Network would frequently award equal marks for the dubbed and Japanese versions of the series, and commented on the dub's improvement from "Season Four" onward, particularly Sonny Strait's Usopp and Stephanie Young's Robin during the Water 7 Saga.[27][28] Reviewing 'Season Five: Voyage Six', Rebecca Silverman summarized that "dub or sub is really going to come down to the viewer's personal preferences, with strengths and weaknesses on both sides".[29] Some critics were impressed with the consistency between the end of "Season Two" and Funimation's earliest dubbed episodes the beginning of "Season Three".[30][31] 041b061a72


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