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One Piece Episode 483 !!TOP!!

So, Happy Tree Friends is a Black Comedy show that is about animals get killed in the most brutal and mosttorturous ways, and sometimes it can be dramatic, and it can make us cringe, and it can make us sometimes cry,or almost cry, and this list is about the darkest episodes/ the episodes with sad endings, there's examples for that:

One Piece Episode 483

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1- Class Act - This episode is considered to be the darkest episode of the entire show/series, the moment when they were singing around the burning school kinda reminds me of Going Merry's funeral in One Piece as the Strawhats pirates were around that ship and they were mourning it's death, also it reminds me of Brook's friends, they were smiling before they would die of poisonous storm and weapons and blood loss, they sang their last song before they would die, but Brook was the only one who was revived, the HTF also smiled before they would die when they heard Toothy was singing, and they also sang their last song before they would die, it also reminds me of the final mission of Gta 4 when they were around the burning house, also reminds me of the final scene in the music video of Love The Way You Lie they were around the burning house and the song is sad, finally it reminds me of dark episodes in kids shows, like tom and jerry (snowbody loves me), where Tom killed Jerry or stuns him and threw him outside the house, and freezes him, he later revived him and became friends, or Looney Tunes what's opera doc?, also the episode that was before Class Act was Out of Sight, Out of Mime, and the episode that was before One Piece episode 483 was episode 482, but what is the similarity between these episodes from HTF and these episodes from One Piece, well i'll tell you, Class Act is the darkest episode of HTF, and One Piece episode 483 can be considered the darkest episode of this anime, the episode that was before Class Act (Out of Sight, Out of Mime), Mime got his collar destroyed before he would die, same thing in One Piece episode 482, before the darkest episode of this anime(episode 483), Ace got his collar destroyed before he would die, i know it's a huge coincidence that that Mime and Ace's deaths were kinda similar, because before the darkest episode of each show, they got their collars destroyed, Mime's collar destroyed and died in Out of Sight, Out of Mime before Class Act, and Ace got his collar destroyed in 482 before his death in the next episode (episode 483), and that's how this episode can be considered the darkest of them all.

3- A Sucker For Love - that episode was Nutty's most torturous death to date, all what the poor kid ever wanted was to have someone to love him and some candy, although he was responsible for Cub's injury, but that doesn't mean he deserve death, what deserve death is someone who killed an innocent soul, but Nutty didn't kill someone, and about Lumpy and all that thing, that was a dream, that was an imagination.

4- Icy You - this episode marks Nutty's second most torturous death to date, when he found the thing he was dreaming of and was making puppy eyes when he saw it, it all ended up by killing him in a gruesome way.

6- Tongue in cheek - these ants once again tortured Sniffles so hard before they would kill him, also when Sniffles died in that episode, that death was his most torturous death to date, also it was the most torturous death inthe entire show/series.

7- Read 'em and Weep - the ending was kinda funny, i admit that, but it can be seen that Pop and Lumpy were mourning Cub's death at his grave, which is kinda sad, and of course, one of the darkest things about this episode isPetunia's death in that episode, she died in a really gruesome and a brutal way, and also that episode was her most torturous death to date.

8- Wishy Washy - Lumpy died in that episode in the most gruesome and the most disturbing way possible, also,don't you find that when Petunia commits suicide is something very cringeworthy, also when Lumpy died, it wasalso cringeworthy, and both died in a torturous way.

Given that One Piece has 1000+ episodes and has become one of the most well-known and adored anime series in the world over the course of 23 years, it undoubtedly has a fair proportion of episodes that perform significantly better than the others. Unsurprisingly, the majority of these are fight moments against formidable foes in episodes that fans consider to be among the best. Some episodes are just noticeably superior to others, whether it's because they have fantastic animation, showcase epic villains, or have significant events taking place.

This episode was one of the saddest, if not, the most for fans as they witnessed a favorite character this early. Fans also empathized with the Whitebeard Pirates and Luffy's grief in seeing Ace die. Seeing Whitebeard brutally beat Ace's killer also fans who were grieving the death of a favorite character.

This episode was particularly shocking for fans, especially the part where Zoro actually agreed for Kuma to transfer Luffy's pain to him, despite already being extremely hurt from a small sample of pain Kuma extracted. The scene where Zoro says "Nothing Happened" when Sanji asked about the ordeal was also very epic and memorable.

As it is the most crucial moment in the journey of the King of Pirates, the episode was particularly exciting for fans. After seeing Roger's journey and Oden teasing the secrets learned in Laugh Tale, a lot of fans couldn't help but think about what experiences the Straw Hats will have and the secrets they will learn, which made it more thrilling.

Despite this episode not seeing a character's death, it was extremely sad for fans to watch. This is the episode where the Straw Hats, particularly Luffy, realized just how weak they actually are. Fortunately, they weren't killed by the Warlord, but are given the chance to escape somewhere, where they trained for two years to become stronger.

The episode begins with a flashback with Ace and Yamato, in which Ace discusses various things and Luffy's dream. It was revealed that Oden predicted in his notebook that a specific pirate will rise to the top 20 years later, who Yamato believes to be Luffy. After Luffy gets to the rooftop, he punches Kaidou hard.

It is among the saddest episodes in the series where no deaths occurred due to the Straw Hats' infighting. It is particularly sad as Sanji had no choice but to stray away from his crewmates due to his father's threats. The fact that even the closest friends in this series can fight like this tells fans just how well-written they are, which earned this episode high marks.

This episode was particularly exciting to watch due to Luffy's new form, where he uses it against an extremely powerful opponent. The animation of the fight scenes was also outstanding, particularly when both Luffy's and Katakuri's techniques clashed, which is why this episode is among the highest-rated by fans.

For a lot of fans, this episode currently has the best-animated fight scene in the entire series. which is due to the animation of when the five pirates unleash their attacks one by one. This highly contributed to the ratings of this episode, which made it currently the highest-rated episode in the entire series.

John: It is indeed. Great. Well thank you for this quick talk through some philosophical choices that writers might need to make. Write in with more stuff. I feel like on some future episode we should talk about kind of D&D alignment, because I see people trying to do that a little bit too much.

The anime has always been very faithful to Eiichiro Oda's work, making it one of the best long-running anime adaptations. As expected of an adaptation as good as One Piece, there are quite a lot of incredible episodes in the series that are worth rewatching.

Updated on March 8th, 2023 by George Voutiritsas: One Piece has been around for nearly three decades, and during that time, it has amassed more than 1,000 manga chapters, as well as over 1,000 anime episodes. One Piece achieved these milestones because it has an amazing story filled with action, humor, and heartbreak. It also helps that most of the characters are well-designed and very well-written. As good as One Piece is though, not every episode is a home-run. In fact, several episodes drag quite a bit, but the majority of them are great, and several are so well done that they deserve a rewatch. Most One Piece fans know what the best One Piece episodes are, and they know which episodes have great rewatch value, and the Wano Arc has added a few more episodes to that list.

Episode 278 is one that fans hold especially close to their heart, and it is easily one of the best episodes of One Piece's, as it delivered two of the most iconic moments in the entire story. The episode sees Nico Robin finish her story and explain to the Straw Hats why she can't return to the crew, to which Luffy responds by burning down the World Government's flag, her enemies.

Another powerful episode, One Piece's Episode 309 marks the end of the arc's biggest fight, as Luffy takes Lucci down. Despite being pushed beyond his limits, Luffy is able to deliver blow after blow with extreme ferocity, carrying the emotions and trust that Nico Robin put into him.

With a Jet Gatling, Luffy is finally able to defeat Lucci, thus freeing Robin from her enemies. What makes this episode doubly special is the animation for the finisher, which was handled by One Piece's finisher specialist, Katsumi Ishizuka.

One Piece Episode 312 begins with the Straw Hats sailing back to Water 7. In the previous episode, their ship, The Going Merry came to their aid and helped the crew to escape the Ennies Lobby Buster Call. They meet up with their friends at sea, and the already damaged ship immediately begins to break apart.

Quite possibly the most powerful One Piece episode before the time skip, One Piece's Episode 505 takes place after Luffy wakes up following Ace's death. Refusing to accept the reality, Luffy is, understandably, at his lowest. 041b061a72


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