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More Swords Mod

More Swords is an idea pack by TornadoPhotographer. It introduces tons and tons of new swords into Minecraft, most of them with special abilities. They enable you to attack enemies in more fun and useful ways!

More Swords Mod

Official port with permission from the author.The legendary weapon pack with over 4mil downloads is finally here, with updated plugins, fixes, patches and more.This mod adds 50 handcrafted weapons into your game wich can be crafted, looted or found on certain locations as unique treasure.

What this mod brings to the game is the ability to create many different new swords from a multitude of materials outside of the standard crafted swords. Each new sword has a different attack value/ability and many of the swords meet or surpass the diamond sword in uses.

More Swords Legacy Mod 1.12.2 is a faithful recreation of the More Swords mod for modern versions of Minecraft. This mod includes the 10 original swords which are based on unique themes and elements of the game, along with their 20 signature enchantments. The general formula for this mod is that each sword is based on a theme or concept. Each sword also has two enchantments that are specifically designed around that sword and theme. With configuration changes, you can put these enchantments on any item.

Relics are basic swords with the same stats as an Iron Sword. Each one depicts a sword that was removed from More Swords at some point in history. There are various reasons for these swords being removed, but they are still nostalgic for some older fans. Relic swords have no effects and can not be crafted by the player. Zombies and Skeletons will sometimes spawn holding them, and they can drop the sword relic when killed.

Monsters won't slay themselves in The Witcher 3. The protagonist of the game, Geralt of Rivia, utilizes a diverse array of weaponry to overcome his foes. With his trusty Steel and Silver swords, along with some much-needed preparation, Geralt can overcome anything that's thrown at him. However, why not make The Witcher 3 even more interesting?

This mechanic is immersive, but can also get a little annoying after a while. A simple fix would be to download the Indestructible Items - No More Weapon Degradation mod. As its name suggests, items will no longer degrade over time. Now, players can spend more time exploring and slaying monsters without having to worry about the state of their swords.

The Witcher 3 is a big game with plenty of valuable treasures to be found. Oftentimes, players are rewarded for their diligent exploration by obtaining a new sword. Among these weapons, some of the most valuable are the Relic swords. These weapons possess additional properties that make them more effective in combat compared to generic gear.

Nevertheless, even Relic weapons can become obsolete after Geralt levels up a few times. The Relic Weapons Redone mod overhauls the Relic gear, keeping them relevant for a longer period. For example, players can dismantle their current Relic sword to obtain a new copy that matches their level. These swords also have additional functions and upgrades compared to the vanilla game.

Furthermore, as enemies become stronger as Geralt levels, the effectiveness of the Crossbow wanes a bit. The Stronger Crossbow Bolts mod attempts to keep the Crossbow as a viable weapon, even in the latter stages of the game. The damage of the bolts is increased, thereby ensuring the weapon remains dangerous in Geralt's hands.

Geralt has quite a few tricks up his sleeve when dealing with the monsters he faces. Players can coat their swords in a variety of oils to increase their effectiveness against specific types of enemies. Although applying oils is optional, doing so can make tough fights satisfyingly manageable instead of frustrating.

Even though a vast array of weaponry already stands at the player's fingertips, more is always better. Fans have a few options on Nexus when it comes to mods that add additional weapons to the game. Experimenting with what each mod has to offer is recommended. A mod manager, like this one, is typically an invaluable tool to use when installing dozens of mods.

The Swords datapack a bunch of new sword types to the game. The goal was to try and make unique items that are more than just statistical upgrades while also attempting to still fit in with the art style and general game design of Minecraft.

Hey guys! What's going on? I've got a quick little mod that changes something that always annoyed me in K1. When you got Ajunta Paul's swords in his Tomb, they were basically useless. They didn't have any stats, you couldn't sell them for anything, so what was the point of using them other than looking cool? Anyways, I'm here to fix that! I made all four of the swords found in his tomb useful! I edited the stats, and made them avaialbe to actually sell for credits! But be aware, if you sell them you better have some credits in-store to buy them back! 041b061a72


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