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Teoria dei segnali: A Book Review

Teoria dei segnali is a book by Marco Luise and Giorgio M. Vitetta, published by McGraw-Hill Italia in 2003. It is a textbook for engineering students who study signal theory, covering topics such as continuous and discrete signals, linear systems, random processes, and digital filters. The book aims to provide an intuitive and rigorous approach to the subject, with numerous examples and exercises. The book is available in PDF format for download from various sources .

The book is divided into six chapters, each with a summary and a list of references. The first chapter introduces the basic concepts of signals and systems, such as energy, power, Fourier series, convolution, impulse response, and frequency response. The second chapter deals with continuous-time signals and systems, such as Laplace transform, transfer function, stability, feedback, and sampling. The third chapter focuses on discrete-time signals and systems, such as z-transform, difference equations, discrete Fourier transform, fast Fourier transform, and digital filter design. The fourth chapter discusses random processes in continuous and discrete time, such as probability, statistics, correlation, spectral density, white noise, Gaussian processes, and linear estimation. The fifth chapter presents some applications of signal theory to communication systems, such as modulation, demodulation, detection, coding, and synchronization. The sixth chapter provides some additional topics and advanced techniques, such as wavelets, multirate systems, adaptive filters, and nonlinear systems.

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The book is well-written and comprehensive, covering both the theoretical and practical aspects of signal theory. The authors use a clear and concise language, with mathematical rigor and physical insight. The book is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students who want to learn the fundamentals of signal theory and its applications to engineering problems. The book is also useful for researchers and professionals who want to refresh their knowledge or deepen their understanding of the subject. The book is accompanied by a website that contains supplementary material such as slides, solutions to selected exercises, MATLAB codes, and links to related resources.

Teoria dei segnali is a valuable reference for anyone interested in signal theory and its applications. It is one of the most popular and widely used textbooks on the subject in Italy and abroad. It is a must-have for students and teachers of engineering courses that involve signal theory.


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