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Dudleya virens subsp. extima is a subspecies of succulent plant in the family Crassulaceae commonly known as the Guadalupe green liveforever.[2] It is a rosette-forming leaf succulent, with both green and white waxy foliage. It has white flowers with spreading petals that bloom from May to June. It is a somewhat small plant, continuing a southward trend of decreasing size relative to other Dudleya virens subspecies. This plant is endemic to Guadalupe Island in the eastern Pacific Ocean, which is 241 kilometers off of the Baja California coast. It is very rare, with this plant only surviving on sheer cliff faces and canyons, out of the reach of the former feral goat population rampant on the island.[3] It closely resembles a miniature version of Dudleya virens subsp. virens,[4] but it may be more nearly related to the local Dudleya guadalupensis.[5]


The subspecies name extima, means remote, with this subspecies of Dudleya virens growing the furthest from the North American continent. The true furthest out of the Dudleya is the closely related and nearby Dudleya guadalupensis, which occurs at the farther end of the island.[4] 041b061a72


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