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Paraphilic infantilism, also known as autonepiophilia,[1] psychosexual infantilism[2] and adult baby syndrome,[3] is a sexual fetish that involves role-playing a regression to an infant-like state.[4][5] Behaviors may include drinking from a bottle or wearing diapers (diaper fetishism).[3][6] Individuals may engage in gentle and nurturing experiences[7] (an adult who engages only in infantile play is known as an adult baby)[8] or be attracted to masochistic, coercive, punishing or humiliating experiences.[7] Diaper fetishism involves "diaper lovers" wearing diapers for sexual or erotic reasons but may not involve infant-like behavior.[9] Individuals who experience both of these things are referred to as adult baby/diaper lovers (AB/DL, also spelled ABDL).[10][11] When wearing diapers, infantilists may urinate and/or defecate in them.[5]

The infantilist community is described by one practitioner[citation needed] as made up of two main types - adult babies (adults who role play infants) and sissy babies (men who tend to wear typically feminine clothing, and use female pronouns). There are also individuals who wear diapers but do not act as infants, either diaper lovers who eroticize diaper wearing, or sadomasochists who use diapers as a way of enforcing dominance and submission. Though the categories are discrete, in practice the behaviors found in each group often overlap.[11] Adult babies roleplaying as a baby or young child for erotic stimulation is considered the signature expression of paraphilic infantilism.[6][14] This may involve the use of adult-sized diapers and baby clothes or toys and furniture such as a crib to lend reality to the infantilist fantasy,[15][16] crawling on the floor,[16] and some individuals may urinate or defecate in their diapers.[5][14][16] If a partner is willing, adult babies may engage in parent-baby roleplay including being bathed, powdered and changed into diapers by one's partner, before being put to bed with a baby bottle.[16][6][14] Some may also simulate lactation with a willing partner.[14] Thereafter the adult baby may be comforted by their partner in the role of the parent and their diapers might be changed if wet or dirty.[6] For some infantilists, the ritual might instead involve being scolded, spanked or chastised for having wet or dirtied their diapers. In this latter instance the mode of arousal is masochistic.[6] Others may desire only gentle or nurturing treatment, based on the desire to be cared for or to "surrender the responsibilities of adult life".[17] Some infantilists may involve masturbation and ejaculation[16][17] while others may choose not to engage in sex since it is not babylike.[18] The erotic pleasure derived from either of these forms of infantilism may replace the need for sexual intercourse in reaching orgasm.[6]

The conventional definition of infantilism means the persistence of childlike traits in adults and medically the failure to attain sexual maturity,[23] and "sexual infantilism" is also used medically as a synonym for delayed puberty.[4][24] The term "psychosexual infantilism" was used in Sigmund Freud's theory of psychosexual development to refer to individuals who had not matured through its hypothetical stages into heterosexuality.[16] Psychologist Wilhelm Stekel used "psychosexual infantilism" as a category similar to paraphilia, including paraphilic infantilism[18] and other paraphilias and sexual orientations.[25]

Psychologists D. Richard Laws and William O'Donohue state that "Although infantilism is classified as a sexual masochism in the DSM-IV and DSM-IV-TR, it is questionable whether the criteria for sexual masochism are always met. For example, if the infantile role playing does not involve feelings of humiliation and suffering, then the diagnosis of sexual masochism would not be appropriate and a diagnosis of infantilism as a paraphilia [not otherwise specified] is warranted."[30] Sexologist John Money, in his book Lovemaps describes paraphilic infantilism as a possible "...adjunctive to masochistic discipline and humiliation."[31] Sexologist William B. Arndt considers paraphilic infantilism to combine forms of fetishism, transvestism and masochism.[12] Wilhelm Stekel considered sado-masochistic practices to be variant behavior arising from psychosexual infantilism.[32]

Confusing infantilism with pedophilia is a common misunderstanding[12] but infantilism involves role-playing exclusively with other adults;[13] infantilism is not related to pedophilia, or any form of child sexual abuse.[14] Sexologist Gloria Brame states that "...infantilists who recognize and accept their sexuality - and its possible roots in infantile trauma - tend to be acutely protective of real children."[7]

Professionals must keep in mind that adolescents are trying to understand the rapid sexual development of their feelings and bodies. Adolescents may have advanced sexual knowledge and experience but may be well behind in abstract thinking and understanding the impact of their behaviors on others. As adolescents mature, they are able to understand and interpret their own sexual feelings and the emotions and behaviors of others.

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Biological factors are the genetic factors and neuro-endocrinal factors, which determine the biological sex and also having an influence on the psychological sex. During adolescence the gonadal hormones, cortisol, and many other hormones play a role in causing the onset of puberty.[8] The secondary sexual characters are expressed due to this neuro-endocrinal influence.

Social factors or environmental factors also play a significant role in the development of adolescent sexuality. The attitude of the parents toward sexuality, parenting style, peer relationship, cultural influences are the important social factors which facilitates the sexual learning and decides the sexual attitude of the adolescent.

Featuring an ensemble cast, the Tony Award-winning production about teenagers navigating the challenges of adolescence debuted in 2006. Written by Steven Sater with music by Duncan Sheik, the show is based on the 1906 German play by Frank Wederkind.

The local production, which opened Wednesday, is staged in such a way that scenes of intimacy or other sensitive subjects are restrained. Still, the play has strong language and is therefore recommended for a teenage audience, said Greg Hellems, the director and choreographer.

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You will play as Ryen. He's something between human and dragon. Somehow life turns around in a way he becomes a king and now he'll have to deal with all tasks that kings have to. As usual in RPG Maker games you'll have to run around the maps and read the briefings to know where to search for the next task. Lots of hot images in this game.

Remember that you have to play all previous episodes to be able to finally look what's inside here (honestly nothing much at the time of the first release of this part). Anyway continue a little bit scary and paranormal story about the life of one casual guy.

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