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Download File (nord).txt


Download File (nord).txt

The exploit code downloads what is supposedly an XLS file from hxxps://wecloud[.]biz/m11[.]xls. This domain, to which all of the URLs used by this attack point to, is controlled by the attacker and was registered in early July. This fake Excel spreadsheet file is embedded with malicious JavaScript. The Excel header will actually be ignored and the file will be treated as an HTML Application file by mshta.exe, the Windows component that handles/opens HTA or HTML files.

The JavaScript in m11.xls contains two PowerShell scripts. The first script will download and launch a decoy document, while the second will continue the infection chain by downloading another file.

Upon execution, this DLL will drop a file in the %AppData% folder. This file is appended with a .txt extension. This is actually an SCT file (Windows scriptlet), which is normally used to declare variables, define expressions, and add functional codes in web pages. In this case, it has a malicious, obfuscated JScript file (JS_NAKJS.ZIEG-A).

15. Next, Linux users must disconnect from SSH and copy the recently created file nordvpnauth.txt and downloaded .ovpn file and paste those into the /config/openvpn directory via SCP; it should look like below-

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@Landy66 - I too had Kaspersky and went through the same process listed in the previous comments and it worked perfectly. Answering your question in case you have not figured out, you need to type the complete address where the .txt file is at the end of the command. In your case would be (just copy and paste):

The RTF file contains macro codes that will execute a PowerShell command to retrieve a dynamic-link library (DLL) file before executing it using odbcconf.exe, a command-line utility related to Microsoft Data Access Components. The DLL will drop and execute a malicious JScript using regsvr32.exe, another command-line utility, to download another JScript and execute it using the same regsvr32.exe. This JScript will then connect to a remote server and wait for backdoor commands. During analysis, we received a PowerShell command that downloads Cobalt Strike from hxxps://5[.]135[.]237[.]216[/]RLxF. It will ultimately try to connect to their command and control (C&C) server, 5[.]135[.]237[.]216[:]443, which we found located in France.

Before you can get to insert and edit your PDF files, you need to have PDFelement downloaded and installed on your computer. Once the installation is complete, run the application and follow these simple steps to insert or edit subscripts and superscripts on your PDF document.

Script Rehearser can import from a Text (.txt) file.This file could have been typed into a PC/Mac or perhaps created by copy-and-paste from another source.The format of the plain text file is fairly flexible, but there are some specific requirements which are summarised below.

I also ran a second malware test where I downloaded harmless sample malware files from EICAR (the European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research) which simulate malware attacks and allow us to see how antiviruses respond to different types of threats coming from different vectors. I turned off real-time detection and ran a full system scan and a quick scan to see how well the malware was detected and quarantined.

It was a simple case of entering a few personal details like my name and address and setting up payment. Next, I got the download link to the installer file. Installing the program on my PC was easy. Less than 10 minutes after first launching the website to sign up, I was underway running the full antivirus check on my PC. 59ce067264


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