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Eminem - Superman |WORK|

While this song speaks of how women don't care for the real person inside, which is sad for him, it also speaks of how fucked up he is towards them because he anticipates them being disingenuous. Then by him saying that he can't be their superman means he is taking all of the blame off of himself for his playboy tirades.

Eminem - Superman

This song is about eminem being pissed at all the hoes in his life that cheat on him and don't try getting to know him... It's some deep shit, it only sounds so bad because that is what people like to listen to.

This is about the whole Mariah Carey conflict. How Mariah had a sexual relationship with Eminem then said she didn't. Eminem then made this song. I'm not sure but I think Mariah wrote " Obsessed" after "Superman" was made. Obsessed is basically how Mariah thinks Eminem lied about their whole relationship and she just thinks eminem is obsessed with her because of the multiple songs about her that Eminem made. (like Bagpipes from Bagdad) Bottom line: Mariah is a whore and won't admit it so Slim did... If u see the music video u'd get it 041b061a72


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