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Abstract:A porcelain insulator is an important part to ensure that the insulation requirements of power equipment can be met. Under the influence of their structure, porcelain insulators are prone to mechanical damage and cracks, which will reduce their insulation performance. After a long-term operation, crack expansion will eventually lead to breakdown and safety hazards. Therefore, it is of great significance to detect insulator cracks to ensure the safe and reliable operation of a power grid. However, most traditional methods of insulator crack detection involve offline detection or contact measurement, which is not conducive to the online monitoring of equipment. Hyperspectral imaging technology is a noncontact detection technology containing three-dimensional (3D) spatial spectral information, whereby the data provide more information and the measuring method has a higher safety than electric detection methods. Therefore, a model of positioning and state classification of porcelain insulators based on hyperspectral technology is proposed. In this model, image data were used to extract edges to locate cracks, and spectral information was used to classify the surface states of porcelain insulators with EfficientNet. Lastly, crack extraction was realized, and the recognition accuracy of cracks and normal states was 96.9%. Through an analysis of the results, it is proven that the crack detection method of a porcelain insulator based on hyperspectral technology is an effective non-contact online monitoring approach, which has broad application prospects in the era of the Internet of Things with the rapid development of electric power.Keywords: hyperspectral imaging technology; canny edge detection; EfficientNet; pattern recognition

The term Milieu literally means middle and figuratively society or environment, it is used as a short for Le Milieu criminel (criminal environment) or Le Milieu interlope (illegal environment). Its a generic term that can be used designate any type criminal society (eg: Le Milieu chinois, short for Le Milieu criminel chinois, the chinese criminal underworld), when used without additional info or context (Le Milieu) it is infered as native historical french criminal society and it refers to the set of criminal figures operating in the French metropolitan areas who are known to the public for being involved in high level organized crime. Members working within the Milieu are collectively known as the French Mob. This category does not include criminal organizations that were formed in another country and operate within France (e.g. the Campanian Camorra, Serbian Mafia, Albanian mafia, Chinese Triads, or the Kurdish terrorist PKK).[6][7] French mobs considered within the milieu are usually ones with long-standing ties to the country.[8] An increase in youth-centered gang activity lead to the separation of the Milieu.[3]

In 2011, it was reported that various North African gangs had moved to the suburbs of Paris in order to sell crack cocaine.[22] Members of these gangs introduced heroin and pure cocaine to their business operations in 2015.[23][24][25] On 18 October 2011, a large holding of art was stolen from the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Ajaccio, Corsica, by the Valinco, Brise de Mer, and Venzolasca gangs.[26]

In previous Dragon versions, you could read sample text for several minutes to improve Dragon's accuracy. In version 15, you can achieve the same result by simply dictating for several minutes, making corrections, and then running Accuracy Tuning (Tools>Accuracy Center>Launch Accuracy Tuning). As a result of this improvement, the Audio>Read text to improve accuracy menu option has been removed.

In previous Dragon versions, Dragon required you to create one dictation source for each audio device and then read text to train Dragon before you could dictate with the devices. In this release, you no longer need to create dictation sources. Dragon automatically detects the microphones that are connected to your computer and allows you to choose one. When you need to change to a different device, simply choose a different microphone from the DragonBar.

A new Dragon Medical Web Extension is now available for Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. The new extensions allows you to dictate into standard HTML edit controls and use Full Text Control to select, modify, and correct text you dictate in browser-based applications.

Here in Text To Mp3 Text to speech, Android users will have themselves the simple online text-to-speech software, which allow users to easily dub any text contents and give you the audible versions of them that are a lot more convenient and easy to work with. And most importantly, Text To Mp3: Text to speech will do this as easy and simple as it can be.

With Text To Mp3: Text to speech, Android users can easily turn any pieces of texts into completely audible and editable audio files, which can support their many purposes and make the content more comprehensible. Simply choose your pieces of texts from online articles, books, or your own inputting, and make whatever settings that you want to the voices and quality of the speeches. You can then quickly export the file into mp3 format. And feel free to playback the audio files directly in the app, thanks to the built-in playback interface.

Feel free to make uses of the app to create your advertising dubbing for mall advertising, corporate slogans, movie descriptions, and more. Explore the uses of the app to enable speech synthesis for your novels, magazines, textbooks, books, and many other content.

Enable the mobile app on your Android devices so you can easily dub broadcasted content or work on multimedia dubbing. You can also dub commentary for architectural animations, dub your subtitles for movies and films. The applications are virtually endless. So, feel free to explore the application and use it any time you need to dub text content.

And users will also have the option to choose their preferred dialects, tones, voice announcers and other variable options for their text-to-speech setups. As a result, you will have the freedom to work with these types of content, however you want.

Get ready to enjoy this perfect mobile tool for dubbing text content on your Android devices or from any available platforms that the system supports. Simply turn any pieces of text into completely audible content that you will certainly find useful. And feel free to come up with the endless applications of Text To Mp3: Text to speech, thanks to its vast features and implementations.

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