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Satyanarayan Pooja Katha In Kannada

i had lost count of numbers of people they had invited so far but it must have been more than 100 people, so would explain the process of the puja in bit detail. though the idea for the puja was of pureprayer from the ground up, it was organized by ramesh yadav, asha yadav, a close associate of satyanarayana, pooja organizer was narendra sharma, puja chief was mr joshi and akshay sharma who is phd student of mr joshi, participated.

satyanarayan pooja katha in kannada

  • the protocol and procedure is laid down in ancient scriptures and is most suitable for different walks of life. to get a glimpse of the all-inclusive protocol and procedure the first thing to note are that there are two parts to the puja namely gree the pooja

  • the namaz

the people came in large numbers and were soon seated in the line. once everyone was seated mr joshi took the lead in the kirtan. it was a quick kirtan. the one was not a singer. he made the announcements and took the responsibility and lead the people in recitation of mantras. i have seen many kirtans and most of them take half an hour to just 30 minutes. this kirtan could have been half an hour and was that much enjoyable. the mantra recitations did not take long. the first part of the puja was the dedication of the pooja kumbha that was carried out by mr joshi. the puja kumbha was immersed and they distributed sheera prasad consisting of sheeraa with a dash of vanilla and banana. now you need to know the key point and mantra is that they do not put in in the pakachaardu which is the water used to wash the kumbha. the same is repeated for the water used to wash feet etc. the mantra is also different in each kumbh in different languages. however the mantra used here was to clean the entire devotees and their family life. the puja kumbha was finally brought over and brought close to the devotees as prasad and offered to each devotees.


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