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Joni Mitchell Blue Full !!INSTALL!! Album Zip

Throughout her spectacular career, singer, songwriter, and Broadway actress Morgan James has taken on beloved roles and songs to give them her unique perspective and make them her own. She rocked the stage as Christ herself in an all-female version of Jesus Christ Superstar, took on a full-album acoustic cover of D'Angelo's Black Messiah, and brought the critics to their feet with her cover of Joni Mitchell's classic Blue album.James has also recorded and toured with Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox, a musical collective that covers modern songs with a vintage twist - turning today's pop hits into swing and jazz classics. Most recently, she released a video in which she put her signature spin on the Nirvana grunge rock classic Lithium.Now James has set her sights on one of the world's most iconic records: the Beatles' White Album. While each song is performed in its original key, James provides a soulful vibe and feminine flair to songs originally penned and recorded by four lads from Liverpool.

Joni Mitchell Blue Full Album Zip

Listeners find the classic ballads "Blackbird" and "I Will" presented acappella with James showcasing artfully-constructed harmonies. The wistfully mournful lyrics of "Julia" are borne beautifully by her heavenly vocals, while the early heavy metal sound of "Helter Skelter" infuses the album with James's signature funky soul treatment. The album was produced by her longtime collaborator Doug Wamble, who played the instruments in every song as well as providing additional vocals.Due for release on October 26, the White Album cover is perfectly timed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original release (which happened on November 22, 1968). Meanwhile, fans will be able to see James perform live on her White to Blue tour across Europe, Canada, and the U.S."We wanted to pay homage to this incredible double album by stepping into their shoes, and diving deep," James said of the White Album project. "I think it's a side of me that fans haven't seen before, which is exciting!"

Whether she's writing and exploring new material or experimenting and putting her own spin on time-honored classics, James is guaranteed to delight both her fans and fans of the original material alike.About Morgan James:"A phenomenal talent whose feel for classic soul music is bone deep... This woman is on fire." -- The New York TimesOne voice is all it takes. The right vocalist can make you fall in love at first listen, elicit tears, or bring you back to a different era altogether. A microphone and a stage remain the only necessities. That holds true for New York-based soul singer, songwriter, and Broadway actress Morgan James.Part of Morgan's creative trajectory has become centered around her full album cover projects. She covered D'Angelo's "Black Messiah" one month after its release, Jeff Buckley's "Grace" and a critically acclaimed full cover of Joni Mitchell's "Blue". She now takes on her most ambitious project to date: The Beatles "White" album, celebrating the 50th anniversary of its original release.

Her latest studio album, "Reckless Abandon", is her first as an independent artist, and it is her most personal outing yet, prompting the Huffington Post to call MJ the "Brightest Breakout Artist of the Year". Morgan assumed co-writing duties on all twelve tracks and sang all her own background vocals. The album is stocked with lush horns and harmonies, and stretches limbs between genres for a sound all its own. From the Rufus inspired soul swagger of the opening track "Up In Smoke", to the delicious R&B slow jam "You Thought Not", to the infectious soulful pop of "Unworthy", MJ takes the listener into her new era of freedom and empowerment.On her full-length debut for Epic Records, "Hunter," she cast an unbreakable spell with a powerhouse voice, theatrical swing, and a soulful poise. "Hunter" boasts a powerful and personal rendition of Prince's "Call My Name" (reached Top 15 at Urban AC radio and #1 most added). Morgan assumed co-writing duties on eight of the collection's eleven tracks and performed all of her own background vocals and harmonies. From the empowering farewell of "Fed Up On You" to the mournful rumination of "Say The Words", or the soulful duet with Grammy Award winner Robert Glasper, "Let Me Keep You", she continually bares it all-both emotionally and musically.

Time passes peacefully, away from all the hustle and bustle of the canyon, for the two lovers. During the day, Joni Mitchell takes advantage of the veranda and the garden to paint, inspired by an abundant and sometimes wild nature. It is here that she creates almost all of her album covers. In the house, Graham Nash always gives his girlfriend priority on the piano and everything goes well. Our House symbolizes this love, fleeting but undoubtedly intense, in the most melodious way.

[Verse 1]Sitting in a park in Paris, FranceReading the news and it sure looks badThey won't give peace a chanceThat was just a dream some of us hadStill a lot of land to seeBut I wouldn't stay hereIt's too old and cold and settled in its ways here[Chorus]Oh, but CaliforniaCalifornia, I'm coming homeI'm going to see the folks I digI'll even kiss a sunset pigCalifornia, I'm coming home[Verse 2]I met a redneck on a Grecian isleWho did the goat dance very wellHe gave me back my smileBut he kept my camera to sellOh the rogue, the red red rogueHe cooked good omelets and stewsAnd I might have stayed on with him there[Chorus]But my heart cried out for you, CaliforniaOh California, I'm coming homeOh make me feel good rock'n roll bandI'm your biggest fanCalifornia, I'm coming home[Bridge]Oh it gets so lonelyWhen you're walkingAnd the streets are full of strangersAll the news of home you readJust gives you the bluesJust gives you the blues[Verse 3]So I bought me a ticketI got on a plane to SpainWent to a party down a red dirt roadThere were lots of pretty people thereReading Rolling Stone, reading VogueThey said, "How long can you hang around?"I said a week, maybe twoJust until my skin turns brownThen I'm going home to CaliforniaCalifornia, I'm coming homeOh will you take me as I amStrung out on another manCalifornia, I'm coming homeOh it gets so lonelyWhen you're walkingAnd the streets are full of strangersAll the news of home you readMore about the warAnd the bloody changesOh will you take me as I am?Will you take me as I am?Will you?Will you take me as I am?Hmmm mmmmmTake me as I am

Originally, Jon Bon Jovi didn't think that "Livin' on a Prayer" was up to the same standard as the rest of the band's work, and intended to leave the track off of their third album "Slippery When Wet." Thankfully, the group convinced him to include it in the end, and it became the group's signature song (as well as the unofficial anthem of New Jersey). In 2013, the track was certified by the RIAA as three-times multi-platinum.


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