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[PDF] Edgeland

[PDF] Edgeland: A Novel That Explores the Mysteries of the Afterlife

Have you ever wondered what happens after death? Do you believe in heaven and hell, or something else? If you are looking for a book that will challenge your views on life and death, you might want to read [PDF] Edgeland by Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski. This is a novel that takes you to a world beyond the boundary, where the dead go before they reach their final destination. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of [PDF] Edgeland, its plot, characters, themes, and reviews.

[PDF] Edgeland

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What is [PDF] Edgeland?

[PDF] Edgeland is a young adult fantasy novel that was published in 2017 by G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers. It is written by Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski, who are both journalists and authors. The novel is set in a fictional land called Edgeland, which is located at the edge of the world, where the sun never sets and the sea never ends. Edgeland is also the place where the dead go after they die, before they cross over to the other side. The novel follows the adventures of two teenagers, Wren and Alec, who work as gravediggers in Edgeland. They accidentally fall into the sea of souls and have to find their way back to the living world, while facing dangers and mysteries along the way.

What is the plot of [PDF] Edgeland?

The plot of [PDF] Edgeland revolves around Wren and Alec, who live in a city called Lastland, which is built on top of a massive graveyard. They work as gravediggers, who are responsible for sending the dead bodies into the sea of souls, where they will drift until they reach their final destination. Wren and Alec have different views on death and the afterlife. Wren is curious and adventurous, and wants to explore the secrets of Edgeland. Alec is cautious and loyal, and follows the rules of his religion, which worships the goddess of death.

One day, Wren and Alec witness a ritual performed by a group of priests called Keepers, who claim to have the power to guide the souls of the dead. They see a Keeper throw a living girl into the sea of souls, which is forbidden by their religion. Wren and Alec decide to investigate the Keepers and their motives, but they end up falling into the sea of souls themselves. They discover that Edgeland is not what they thought it was. It is a dangerous and mysterious place, full of strange creatures and hidden secrets. They also learn that there is a war going on between two factions of Keepers: one that wants to preserve the natural order of death, and one that wants to control it.

Wren and Alec have to survive in Edgeland and find a way back to Lastland. They also have to decide who to trust and what to believe. Along their journey, they meet new friends and enemies, such as Mila, a girl who lives in a floating city called Skyport; Kanaan, a boy who leads a rebel group called the Diggers; and Belen, a Keeper who has a mysterious connection to Wren.

Who are the main characters of [PDF] Edgeland?

The main characters of [PDF] Edgeland are:

  • Wren: A 15-year-old girl who works as a gravedigger in Lastland. She is brave, curious, and rebellious. She loves to explore Edgeland and learn new things. She has a special ability to see the souls of the dead.

  • Alec: A 16-year-old boy who works as a gravedigger in Lastland. He is loyal, cautious, and devout. He follows his religion faithfully and respects the goddess of death. He cares deeply for Wren and tries to protect her.

  • Mila: A 14-year-old girl who lives in Skyport, a floating city above Edgeland. She is smart, resourceful, and friendly. She helps Wren and Alec escape from the Keepers and joins them on their quest.

Kanaan: A

  • Kanaan: A 17-year-old boy who leads the Diggers, a rebel group that opposes the Keepers. He is brave, charismatic, and rebellious. He wants to free Edgeland from the tyranny of the Keepers and restore its natural balance.

  • Belen: A 19-year-old boy who is a Keeper of Death. He is powerful, mysterious, and ruthless. He has a special bond with Wren and wants to use her for his own purposes.

What are some themes of [PDF] Edgeland?

Some themes of [PDF] Edgeland are:

  • Life and death: The novel explores the concept of life and death, and what happens in between. It questions the existence and nature of the afterlife, and how different cultures and religions view it. It also shows how life and death are intertwined, and how one's actions and choices can affect one's fate.

  • Identity and belonging: The novel explores the concept of identity and belonging, and how they are shaped by one's environment and experiences. It shows how Wren and Alec struggle to find their place in Edgeland, where they are outsiders and outcasts. It also shows how they discover their true selves and their connection to each other.

  • Power and corruption: The novel explores the concept of power and corruption, and how they affect individuals and societies. It shows how the Keepers abuse their power and manipulate the souls of the dead for their own gain. It also shows how the Diggers resist their oppression and fight for their freedom.

  • Courage and friendship: The novel explores the concept of courage and friendship, and how they help one overcome challenges and dangers. It shows how Wren and Alec face their fears and risks in Edgeland, where they encounter many perils and enemies. It also shows how they rely on each other and their allies for support and guidance.


[PDF] Edgeland is a novel that will take you on a thrilling and thought-provoking journey to a world beyond the boundary, where the dead go before they reach their final destination. It is a novel that will make you question your beliefs and assumptions about life and death, and what lies in between. It is a novel that will introduce you to memorable and complex characters, who will face challenges and dangers in Edgeland, where nothing is as it seems. It is a novel that will explore themes such as life and death, identity and belonging, power and corruption, and courage and friendship. It is a novel that will keep you hooked until the end.

If you are interested in [PDF] Edgeland, you can download it for free from various online sources. You can also buy a hardcopy or an e-book from your favorite bookstore. You can also check out the reviews and ratings of [PDF] Edgeland on websites such as Goodreads and Amazon. [PDF] Edgeland is a novel that you will not regret reading. d282676c82


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