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Android - Sdk R07 - Free [2021] Download

find the logfile for the android device manager (on my machine it was here: C:\Users(user name)\AppData\Local\Xamarin\Logs\16.0). At the end of the logfile (named like 2021-07-21_16-03-19.18380.devicemanager.log), you'll see it reference a path it's trying to download from and to. Here's what my log message looked like:

android - sdk r07 - free download

To download a system image, go into the directory where the Android SDK is installed (by default this is at /Android/SDK on Linux), then in your terminal type: ./cmdline-tools/latest/bin/sdkmanager --list - this will list all the available system images, even very old ones (I see the oldest SDK is 10). They should have the path (the text in the first column) labeled with this format: system-images;android-;; (there are also other stuff aside from system images, lets ignore these for now).


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