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Fspassengers X Crack Full Download

FSPassengers X Full: A Review

FSPassengers X is an add-on for Flight Simulator X that aims to enhance the realism and immersion of flying in FSX. It allows you to add passengers to your flights, manage your airline, and experience various scenarios and failures. But is it worth buying the full version? Here are some of the pros and cons of FSPassengers X Full.



  • You can load any aircraft you have in FSX without quitting the simulator. You can also customize the payload, fuel, and cargo of your aircraft.

  • You can hear more than 200 sounds in flight, including co-pilot, hostess, GPWS, ATC chatter, music, sound effects, and more. You can also choose from different sound packs, such as French and German.

  • You can interact with your passengers and provide them with in-flight services, such as movies, music, and drinks. Your passengers will react to how you fly your plane and give you feedback at the end of the flight.

  • You can make money for successful flights and be fined for mistakes. You can also manage your own airline, buy and sell aircraft, hire and fire pilots, and more.

  • You can experience unique and realistic failures, such as engine fire, bird strike, landing gear jam, fuel leak, and more. You can also fly through dangerous parts of the world and risk the safety of your plane, crew, and passengers.

  • You can create and maintain pilot careers and keep detailed logs and statistics for every flight you make. You can also export your flight to your virtual airline.

  • You can choose from three flight modes: normal, aerobatic, and flight tour. You can also adjust the difficulty level and realism settings of FSPassengers X.


  • FSPassengers X is not compatible with some other add-ons, such as Active Sky Next, EZDOK Camera, and some payware aircraft. You may experience conflicts or crashes if you use them together.

  • FSPassengers X may cause some performance issues or framerate drops on some systems, especially if you use high-resolution textures or complex scenery.

  • FSPassengers X may not work well with some missions or scenarios in FSX. You may encounter errors or glitches if you try to use them together.

  • FSPassengers X is not free. You have to pay 39.95 EUR (about 46 USD) to buy the full version. There is a free demo version available, but it has some limitations, such as only one aircraft type (Cessna 172), only one departure airport (San Francisco), and only 15 minutes of flight time.


FSPassengers X is a great add-on for FSX that adds a lot of realism and fun to your flights. It offers many features and options that will make you feel like a real pilot. However, it also has some drawbacks that may affect your compatibility or performance. Therefore, it is recommended that you try the demo version first before buying the full version. You can download the demo version from [here]. If you like it, you can buy the full version from [here] as well.


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