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Athanasius Artemyev
Athanasius Artemyev

Gravitas Geological Software

Now, our pioneering Gravitas software suite not only connects geologists to the digital oilfield for the first time, it integrates all your well data and links asset and office to take you to new levels of data optimisation. Gravitas is the corporate electronic wellfile.

Gravitas Geological Software

SensorTran has announced its DTS 5100-M18 long-range distributed temperature sensor (DTS) hardware which provides accurate temperature measurements over distances of up to 18 kilometers. The DTS product line includes an Ethernet-connected computer that is pre-loaded with DTS management software.

HVS is a hardware/software combination that offers very high resolution, glasses-free stereoscopic visualization for a number of verticals including oil and gas. Top of the HVS range is the HoloVizio 640RC, 72 inch 16:9 ratio screen with a 50 megapixel 3D resolution and dual gigabit Ethernet.

The point is definitely not that nation-states of equivalent population levels will have equivalent political/cultural gravitas. It is, rather, that, all else equal, a given group of people seem to attain greater political/cultural gravitas, per capita, if they have their own state, culture, language, cuisine, etc. than if they are seen as just part of a much bigger conglomeration.


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